I Feel a Connection

So um. This... might actually be our solution? I'll let you guys know how it goes! xD

It's a pretty cool product once you get everyone connected and figure out how to use it - you can get it here if you're interested. Our group basically only uses it for battle, but when one of our party *koffShazzkoff* has at least 10 or 12 minions at any given time, it's VERY HELPFUL TO HAVE.

I stuck some screenshots in the vote incentive as well, if you're curious how it looks when we use it!

An announcement: Just so you guys know... I am seriously considering cutting down to two updates a week starting in October and until I feel less swamped. I really like the 3x a week schedule, but I think I'll be able to give you better comics if I'm able to have just that one day of rest/catch-up time. I'm thinking of dropping the Tuesday update! I'll consider it a bit more and let you guys know what I decide. ;u;

Old Vote Incentive for This Comic.

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