Today Nothing Happened

Phew! Four years and over five-hundred comics later, Today Nothing Happened is finished!
Thank you all so much for your kind words and fond farewells! It's honestly really touching to see so much love from you guys. ;u; I can't possibly say how much it means to me to know that this little journal comic mattered so much to so many people.
I thought a cool send-off would be the least I could do. <3

Where can I find you, now that TNH is done?

I'm in a bunch of places!
I have another comic called Runewriters that will continue updating,
a DeviantArt account where I post finished artsy things -- and I also try to announce art-related stuff, like conventions or commissions or livestreams--
there's a Tumblr account where I post sketches and D&D ramblings and fanart and also finished art, so if you want to be in good with ALL my arting, this is a good place to follow.
If you just want to know what I'm up to, my Twitter account will give you the occasional scoop on my day-to-day life,
and my Facebook page will announce any art things I'm up to.

What about TNH? We are still waiting on the last two BOOKS, young lady!

Keep TNH in your RSS, follow my twitter or the Today Nothing Happened page on Facebook! I'll make sure all three of these places are notified when I announce news regarding books (#3 should be available in May!), prints (I really want to make a print of the coloured part of this page, no lies) and any other tricks I might have up my sleeve!

Are there any conventions I can catch you at this year?

Yes! Currently I'm lined up to be tabling at HEROES CON, OTAKON, SAN DIEGO COMIC CON, and quite possibly BALTIMORE COMIC CON! If you're planning to be in any of these places, keep an eye out on my Twitter/DA/Facebook; I'll keep you guys updated!

This comic has been so much fun, not just to draw, but to hear back from you guys, to get your stories and advice and sympathy and celebration right along with me! I never imagined I would run a journal comic, much less for years... but I'm really glad I did. Thank you all for making it beyond awesome!

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